YK11 / Myostine 60 caps / 10 mg

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  • Similar to the effect of trenbolone

  • Rapid increase in muscle mass

  • Three times stronger effect than testosterone


YK11, also known as a myostatin blocker, is one of the strongest SARMs on the market. It has such a strong anabolic effect that it has even been compared to some of the strongest steroids.

Advantages of using YK11

There are 3 main advantages to using УК11:

1. YK11 is an inhibitor of myostatin, which allows a continuous increase in muscle mass,

It’s main advantage and the reason why it is extremely promising for its use by bodybuilders is its potential to mass.

2. YK11 has as strong an effect as like as testosterone

Studies show that УК11 has a stronger anabolic effect even than testosterone. With YK11, gaining muscle mass is easy without the side effects of steroids

3. YK11 shows the potential for quick and easy increase in muscle mass

Many users notice results in the first week of taking УК11.

Main benefits:

    • Increased muscle size

YK-11 may not be a traditional SARM but it can still stimulate muscle growth and produce new muscle cells (by naturally increasing follistatin cells), whilst suppressing myostatin (a protein that stops excessive muscle growth).

    • Numerous users have reported benefiting from 10-15lbs worth of lean muscle mass gains in just one 8 week YK11 cycle.
    • Fat reduction

Alongside encouraging lean muscle mass growth, YK11 SARM can also cause significant fat losses in a short space of time.

    • Healthier, stronger bones

A key part to keeping your bones healthy is sex hormones. Studies suggest that YK11 can help to improve your bone strength by binding itself to your androgen receptors. It can also increase the level of activated PKB (protein kinase B) in your cells, resulting in bone growth.

    • Increased strength

The idea of strength moves in an endless cycle, namely because they are so intimately entwined. When it comes to increased strength – as you are able to lift more weight; more muscle fibers will be stimulated.

YK 11 Dosage

The recommended daily dose for men is 15-20 mg daily.

YK11 / Myostine 60 caps / 10 mg




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