Cardarine 60 caps / 10 mg

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  • Acts immediately (after the first 30-40 minutes)

  • Selectively melts fat

  • Increases muscle efficiency up to 150%

  • Reduces levels of bad cholesterol


Cardarine (GW501516) was developed in 1990 to treat prostate cancer and breast cancer. From the earliest stages of his research, scientists described it as “the best endurance supplement.”

Plus, Cardarin is distinguished by its ability to Melt FAT like no other supplement so far, with no noticeable side effects when using Cardarin for the last 18 years since its discovery. As a result, Cardarin is gaining tremendous popularity in sports circles.

Cardarine is the best supplement for endurance

It is no coincidence that Cardarine is used in all sports – from cyclists to bodybuilders. Due to its exceptionally good effect on increasing endurance, Cardarine is on the WADA doping list.

With the use of Cardarine we can expect more – faster recovery and overcoming plateau in fitness enthusiasts.

Cardarine does not make us nervous and restless. Its use lacks the so-called “crashing”, as well as the use of nitrogen boosters and other stimulants with high caffeine content.

In fact, many who use the supplement feel good and relaxed.

Here are other benefits of using Cardarine:

  • quickly melts excess fat without losing muscle mass
  • the effect is felt after the first dose
  • can be taken from 8 to 12 weeks
  • can be combined with all types of supplements and / or steroids
  • can be used during the period of gaining muscle mass and losing fat
  • improves the immune system
  • protects the kidneys
  • improves heart function
  • protects the brain
  • no side effects
  • has a negative effect on the skin
  • not toxic to the liver
  • does not suppress own testosterone production
  • no post-cycle therapy is required
Cardarine 60 caps / 10 mg



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  1. Doe

    I lost 3kg after 1 week of usage! I recommend!

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